About Us

District II of the American Academy of Pediatrics is composed of the three New York Chapters, and thus is one of only two Districts consisting of only one state.  We endeavor here to distribute activities regarding the welfare of children in New York State and the pediatricians who care for them.  The official publication of the District is the New York Pediatrician, published bi-annually online.  You may contact our officers by e-mail.

  • New York Chapter 1
    Chapter 1 consists of all the counties of upstate New York.
  • New York Chapter 2
    Chapter 2 includes Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties.
  • New York Chapter 3
    Chapter 3 encompasses Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties.


AAP, District II Office:
132 Allens Creek Road, Suite 100
Rochester,  New York 14618
Phone: 518/439-0892
Fax: 518/439-0769
E-mail: jgeslani@aap.org


This Website is a publication of New York District II and is intended to be a forum for information and communication among the District membership, individuals and groups interested in the well being of children.