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District II is the New York State District of the AAP. We work on behalf of you, our members, on state-wide issues to improve the well-being of pediatricians and children in NYS.

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Mar 4

Nutritional Needs of the NICU Graduate

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Mar 5

Advocacy Day

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Mar 7

What Foster Care Workers and Agency Staff Need to Know About Medical Homes for Youth Transitioning Out of Care

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Mar 21

What Physicians Need to Know About Young People Leaving foster Care

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Mar 28

2014 Update in Neonatal Nephrology

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May 9

4th Annual Pediatric Nutrition Update

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Dear District II Member, Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP

Challenges for pediatricians and children in NYS continue.


Please read on for details.


Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP

Chair, NYS AAP, District II




Changes and Challenges in Pediatrics


New York pediatricians are practicing in an environment that is changing and ever challenging. We are working to address the millennium morbidities in pediatrics such as obesity, mental health, environmental health, poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, family instability and substance abuse, issues faced by children and families. We are also practicing during a time when the service delivery systems and the payment systems are changing.


Practicing pediatrics is becoming more and more complex. We are being asked to participate in, if not create "Medical Homes." We are partners and participants in the development of new networks to provide accessible behavioral health care in a primary care/managed care environment. We are working with the state on the design and implementation of Health Homes for chronically ill and medically and behaviorally challenged children and young people. And we are working on the design and implementation of "team based care" in various settings and different parts of the state.


No matter where we practice, small practice, large practice, community or hospital based network, academic medicine/clinic, federally qualified health center, hospital based care we are facing change in what we do, how we do it and how we are supported in getting it done. The only thing that has remained constant is that we continue to have an unwavering commitment to provide high quality and effective pediatric care for the children and families in our practices.


At the same time we are challenged by what appear to be unsupported decisions by various health insurers to reduce physician networks, or eliminate coverage for various office based tests like throat cultures. We are also experiencing reduced rates being paid by some insurers through their Exchange products. Then, of course, there is the much delayed Primary Care Incentive Payment for Managed Care here in New York.


We are also facing the challenges of vaccine resistance from our own families. Many of us spend many hours working with our parents to help them understand how the misinformation they have on immunization has the potential to allow their children to become ill and erode the enormous progress we have made in public health.


Victories in New York State


But we also have a lot to celebrate. Our state has one of the strongest gun control approaches in the country. We also have many laws and regulations to protect children from environmental threats. New York has been a leader in young driver safety with graduated drivers licenses and strong anti-text while driving laws. We have built a statewide high quality system to offer reproductive health care to teens. We have a good record on building child care quality, Pre-K and support for education and special education. We are also one of the states maximizing the Medicaid expansion offering affordable care to many more New Yorkers. New York also has one of the smallest numbers of uninsured children.


Advocacy for Children


However, we do have a lot of work to do. This year we are looking at helping the state move forward on several policy and legislative initiatives that have the potential to significantly improve the health and well-being of New York's children. Areas of focus as we move forward this year include:

  • addressing the negative impacts of child poverty by advocating for the acceleration of an increase in the minimum wage

  • supporting universal, affordable high quality infant and child care, Pre-K and after school programs as partners in the Believe in Children Campaign

  • supporting efforts to assure a healthy environment for all children by supporting legislation that strengthens environmental protections for children in their homes, schools and communities

  • supporting Pediatric Environmental Health Centers of Excellence to help pediatricians help children and their families address environmental health stressors

  • working to integrate children's physical and mental health so the 20% of children in our state who are struggling with a mental health challenges can get the care and treatment they need in a non-stigmatizing, accessible setting

  • working with the Raise the Age Coalition to once and for all raise the age to 18 of young people who can be tried and sentenced as adults in adult court. New York is one of only two states (the other is North Carolina) where sixteen year olds are routinely tried in adult court. As pediatricians we know about brain development. And we know that a sixteen year old does not have adult capacity or adult brain development. How can it make sense that we don't allow young people to buy cigarettes or alcohol, and yet we decide to try them as adults.

  • Legislation to require safer storage of firearms is another issue that we will enthusiastically support this year.

These are some of the areas we will be working on to improve the health and well-being of the children we all care for.


Advocacy for Pediatricians


For pediatricians we will continue to ask you to join us in raising our voices to allow collective bargaining for primary care physicians with insurers. As many of you know, right now we are operating on a very uneven playing field. Collective negotiation would allow us to hold the line on high quality pediatric care and assure the availability of the resources needed to support its delivery to the children across New York State. We will also be championing fair pay for vaccines and vaccine administration from commercial insurers to help practices continue to stock and deliver vaccines in a timely manner without risking significant financial exposure.


Join Us for Advocacy Day on March 5th!


We ask you to join us. Our Advocacy Day in Albany is March 5th. We will be preparing Policy Statements and Legislative Memos to support advocacy for children and for pediatricians. All materials will be available on our website www.nysaap.org. If you can't be with us on the 5th....please feel free to use the materials to talk with and meet with your state Assembly members and State Senators when they are at home in the District. Hearing from you does make a difference. Please support the District (NYS AAP) and your local AAP NY Chapter (1, 2 or 3) by being members of both the national AAP and your Chapter. Only united can we achieve all that needs to be accomplished for the children of our State.


Thank you!

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