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June 3, 2015

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June 12, 2015

Hot Topics in the Care of the Hospitalized Child
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June 18-19,2015 

Dental Health Workshop
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 June 18, 2015

Clinical Symposium: Providing Health Care to MSM
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Dear Chapter Member, Dr. Danielle Laraque


It's spring... a time of optimism and renewal.

Please read on to learn about the NYS budget, NYS legislation affecting children and families, and updates about the NYS AAP and the national AAP.


Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP

Chair, NYS AAP, District II

The New York State Budget

The New York State budget was completed mostly on time, April 1st and we were pleased that vital children's programs were spared major cuts. Some programs we supported, such as, Universal Pre-K, after-school programs, and family support programs saw slight to major increases. All children's health and mental health programs were funded at least at level funding and some saw increases that will be initiated with the implementation of reform and redesign initiatives.
Legislative Session/Advocacy

The legislature is in session through June 17th. The legislative session will provide an opportunity to advocate for policy and legislation that improves the lives of the children and families we care for and about.  The NYS AAP has several key policy issues and legislative priorities that really need strong advocacy to move forward.

As many of you know, important family support issues, such as, Raising the Minimum Wage, Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility and Paid Family Leave all fell out of budget negotiations. They are now part of the legislative process. The children and families of New York need you to contact your state legislators, both your Senator and your Assembly member, and let them know that raising the minimum wage, passing Paid Family Leave and Raising the Age for criminal responsibility to 18 years are all very important to ongoing efforts to improve the health and well-being of the children in your community. You can find more information on these and other key issues for children and pediatricians here.

Legislatively, we are supporting a broad spectrum of initiatives that have the potential to truly improve the quality and safety of children's lives in New York. Our Legislative Agenda includes supporting legislation on safe storage of guns, prohibiting sexual orientation change therapy, and removing known toxins from children toys, clothing and accessories. We are also supporting several bills that offer the potential to improve and strengthen pediatric practice. You can get a list of our priorities and more information on the specific legislation by viewing our Legislative Agenda.

Please take a moment to review our Legislative Agenda and pick one or two bills that you would like to champion. Then call, e-mail or visit your Senator or Assembly member and let them know that you would like them to support the legislation and tell them why. You will need to give the bill number, which is included in our Agenda, and a brief description. I assure you, if you make the call or e-mail, you will make a difference. We need your voice for children, families and pediatricians to help us make the positive changes that can make a difference. 

Our legislative priority list grows throughout the session as new legislation we support and new legislation that we may oppose is brought forward. Visiting the NYS AAP website at www.nysaap.org and opening and responding to our Advocacy Update and Alerts will keep you current as we move toward the most active weeks of the New York State Legislative Session. You can find out who your Assembly member is at www.assembly.state.ny.us and your Senator at www.nysenate.gov. All you need is your zip code.
The NYS AAP Moves Forward/National News

The NYS AAP is also moving with optimism toward renewal this spring. We have emerged from all the legal and financial concerns created by the difficulties encountered through criminal acts of our former Executive Director. Despite these challenges, the NYS AAP continued to work effectively with NYS in the past year on issues of mutual concern, such as, children's behavioral health, children's health homes, school-based health care, Medicaid Redesign Team reforms, medical home development, improving immunization rates and compliance and many other issues. In the upcoming year, we look forward to project partnerships with the NY State Department of Health.

The past year has also been marked by work on behalf of AAP NY Chapters 2 & 3, and when appropriate, the NYS AAP, with the city of New York. We are also moving forward in partnership with several units of the city administration on issues relevant to improving the lives of children and families in the five boroughs.

Nationally, candidates have been chosen to run for President-Elect of the AAP for the fall of 2015. Information can be found here. We urge you to learn about the candidates and vote this fall.   Also, there are two new sections of AAP National: the Section on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Health and Wellness and the Provisional Section on International Medical Graduates.

At this time of optimism and renewal, the NYS AAP in partnership with the AAP NY Chapters, is exploring new ways of working together. The world of health care delivery is changing with practice transformation at all levels. Pediatrics in New York is in transition. Relationships with and between hospitals and insurers are changing. Payment options and formulae are becoming more complex. Technology is becoming more central to the practice of medicine and to practice administration. All these challenges afford an opportunity for the NYS AAP and the AAP NY Chapters to examine their past and current relationships, and to explore options for future structures. This process is at its very beginning. The NYS AAP and your AAP NY Chapter leadership will keep you informed as we move deliberately and with focus on these efforts.
Working Together for Children and Pediatricians

As always, the NYS AAP is looking forward to working with you and for you and for the children and families you serve. We can make a difference. Our history over the last several years has shown that when we raise our voices, work with our partners both public and private, and focus on our goals, we can and do make positive change for the children and families in New York. 

It's spring....let's renew, re-energize and raise our voices for children and for pediatricians.

District II (New York State), American Academy of Pediatrics
408 Kenwood Avenue, 2nd Floor | Delmar, NY 12054
518/439-0892 | Fax:  518/439-0769 | www.aapdistrictii.org