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Reorganization of the NYS AAP, District II
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Dear Chapter Member,
Although the past few weeks have been very emotional ones for all of us, I want to take a few moments to bring you up to date on what is happening in the New York State American Academy of Pediatrics, District II as we move into 2017!

We are committed to improving and supporting the health and well-being of all children and their families throughout our state, as well as the pediatricians who serve them!   No matter how you feel about the results of the recent election, I encourage each of you to redouble your efforts to do the best you can for your patients and make a special effort to offer support and reassurance to your most vulnerable children and families.  You know who they are, and you can reassure them that we will be here for them and we will continue to care for them as we all face the uncertainty of the future here in New York and throughout the country.
Warren M. Seigel MD, MBA, FAAP, FSAHM
Chair, New York State American Academy of Pediatrics (NYS AAP)
Reorganization of the NYS AAP, District II

As many of you know, your District and Chapter leadership has decided to reorganize and to close the District's 501(c) 3 status as a charitable organization.  What this means is that beginning in 2017, we cannot receive or process grants or donations, and all grants and donations will go directly to your local chapters.  This also means, however, that we no longer have to comply with the various legal and auditing requirements of a charitable organization in New York State. 

This will allow 100% of your dues to go directly to advocating for pediatricians, children and their families in New York State. This also means that as of January 2017, New York will begin to operate as all other AAP Districts operate now, and all the day to day functions in grants, programs, policy and advocacy will be run out of the Chapters.  The Chapters will coordinate their efforts in any statewide initiatives and will work collaboratively on policy and advocacy development and communications.  Chapters will still be able to apply for and receive grants and will function as they do now, but with more autonomy and support. 

If you have questions or concerns about specific issues, please feel free to contact me or your Chapter leadership.

Some updates:
  • The District has settled all outstanding issues with the New York State Department of Health that arose due to the indictment of a former Executive Director a few years ago.
  • The District successfully negotiated a loan from the national AAP to help pay all financial issues to the New York State Department of Health and the chapters have agreed to pay the loan back to national on behalf of the District.
  • The District will continue to function as an umbrella for the Chapters, convening the Chapters four times a year to discuss issues of importance to all Chapters and all members, and to review policy and advocacy initiatives.

Although we have a new structure, our mission, goals and commitment remain the same as we move forward together into the New Year:  

  • We will continue to advocate for programs, policies and legislation that strengthen the health and well-being of all of the children and families in New York State, and continue to advocate for the pediatricians who serve them. 
  • We are strong and united in addressing health care disparities and providing solutions to ensure equitable access to quality children's health and behavioral health services.
  • We are here to help the children and families of New York secure and maintain high quality affordable child care, and to demand a high quality equitable public education system for all children no matter what their zip code.
  • And we, as the Pediatricians of New York, are strong in our commitment to a clean and healthy environment, so children can grow and thrive in toxin free communities across our state.

Join me as we face the next several years recognizing the challenges but energized by our clear vision of what we need to do to make our communities, our state and our country a better place for all of us! 

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday Season!

We hope you find the information in this report helpful. For more information, please contact Elie Ward, MSW, Director of Policy & Advocacy at eward@aap.net.

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