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District II is the New York State District of the AAP. We work on behalf of you, our members, on state-wide issues to improve the well-being of pediatricians and children in NYS.

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Dear District II Member, Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP

Your District has been very involved in both internal and external work since my last report.


The key word to describe the core of all of our activities is Relevance. What we do, and why we do it is directly related to relevance to the practice of pediatrics and relevance to the well-being of children and their families.


Please read on for details.


Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP
Chair, AAP District II, New York State
AAP District II's Four Priority Area Work Groups

Internally we have created work groups to explore our work in four priority areas. Our goal is to assure that the District maintains a focus on issues that are relevant to the current practice of pediatrics in New York.


1) Structure


A work group of District members are working on options for our Structure, looking at current and potential future relationships of functions between the NY Chapters and the District, and among the Chapters. Our work is focused on keeping the District and Chapter work relevant to current pediatric practice and its challenges. In addition, in these challenging financial times we are examining ways to unite our efforts and maximize the impact of member dues.


2) Health Care Delivery Reform


We are also looking at Pediatrics through the lens of Health Care Delivery Reform. This work group is looking at identifying one or two priority areas that the District can work with members on to strengthen their practices and identify new opportunities.  ACA federal health care reform has been upheld. The Governor has signed an executive order moving the development of a New York State Health Insurance Exchange. Ongoing state commitment to new models of care as reflected by Medical Home and Health Home, call upon us to revisit health care delivery models, maximize the seamless integration of care, care coordination, and to translate predominantly adult-focused strategies to the needs of pediatric patients.


3) Membership


Another work group is looking at Membership at all levels and working on plans to help the Chapters and the District build stronger membership across the state. It is anticipated that if we can continue to focus on relevance, we can and will increase membership. This effort has recently received a boost with the receipt of a District grant of $10,000 to support innovative approaches to make membership at the Chapter and National levels more relevant. To meet this challenge, District II proposes strategies to support recruitment of Residents, Academicians and Recently Lapsed members, as well as the retention of current membership. Our charge is to become a more inclusive organization that models the demographics of the pediatricians in New York State and increases the AAP's relevance to our membership.


4) Policy & Advocacy


The final priority work group is exploring how best to strengthen and perhaps expand our Policy & Advocacy Work. The District's ongoing work in Policy and Advocacy has for several years demonstrated the relevance of pediatrics and children's well-being to our state decision makers in the legislature and the administration. The Committee, composed of leadership from each of the chapters, will continue to identify key issues and develop policy & advocacy strategies to accomplish our legislative, budget and policy goals. Please review the letters of support, initiatives championed and accomplishments on our District website.


All Work Groups reported out at the District's annual meeting in Indianapolis, and will continue to work on their final recommendations for the next District meeting. The strategic priorities and actions recommended by each work group will formulate our District Strategic Plan for the next 2 years.


AAP District II's Organizational Partners and Efforts

Externally, we demonstrate relevance in all the work we do with our state and other organizational partners.


New York State


AAP District II (NYS) is an active partner with New York State on many reform initiatives which have the potential to impact on the practice of pediatrics:

  • District II has representation on the New York State Health Exchange Advisory. Our role is to represent pediatrics and the children we serve in this most high level group of stakeholders in the health insurance and health care delivery systems in New York.
  • We are represented on several ongoing Medicaid Reform Team (MRT) Committees with a focus on children's services. We sit on the newly reconfigured Essential Health Benefits Task Force. We are also at the table for the Medically Fragile Children Work Group.
  • We continue to be in discussion with State Department of Health on the design and implementation of Children's Health Homes.
  • We are participants in discussion of ongoing supports for Patient Centered Medical Homes.
  • We are participating with the State on issues related to the implementation of New York's application for an amendment of its 1115 Waiver application. This waiver request has the potential to significantly change how care is delivered to all children covered by Medicaid, and how dollars will drive enhanced primary care access and quality of care. In an upcoming feature we detail the components of this waiver.
  • We have representation on the Health Disparities MRT group to address the AAP strategic priority of health equity.

New York State Department of Health


We are working with State Department of Health on implementation of the new ACA primary care Medicaid Payment Rule. This rule establishes enhanced payment equal to Medicare rates for primary care physicians, including general and subspecialty pediatricians. Our goal is to assure that the increased payments get directly into the offices of pediatricians. This enhanced payment initiative is planned to begin on January 1, 2013. Our last meeting with key Department of Health staff indicates that we are on the same page for getting the dollars into the hands of primary care providers. The state is waiting for guidance from CMS (federal office responsible for implementation). Once New York has clear guidance, and a federal decision to release the federal dollars, the program should be ready to start.


State Legislature and Administration


The District also continues its work with the State legislature and the Administration to highlight the needs and the value of pediatrics and pediatricians and the needs of the children and families we serve. We are currently monitoring the implementation of Tdap in birthing hospitals, and the November 1st implementation of the Autism Insurance law.


Once the elections are over, we will work on getting legislative sponsorship and legislative support for two of our priority issues, the Physician's Negotiation legislation and the Vaccine Payment and Vaccine Administration legislation. The District well understands that for many pediatricians on the ground, survival as a profession and practice is at stake. We hear this and through our Pediatric Councils, advocacy, and efforts at inclusion and we are seriously focused on identifying solutions. We welcome member input to our District Policy and Advocacy Committee - please contact Elie Ward, MSW, our Director of Policy & Advocacy, at eward@aap.net.


In conclusion, the District continues to focus all of its activities, both internal and external, on strengthening the practice of pediatrics and assuring adequate payment for pediatric services, creating the highest quality, most accessible care possible for all NYS children. Pediatricians are the key to that success. Engage with us in this process.


Our work is relevant to the work you do every day. It is relevant to pediatrics and the well being of the children and families we serve. We look forward to working with you and for you in the upcoming year.

District II (New York State), American Academy of Pediatrics
408 Kenwood Avenue, 2nd Floor | Delmar, NY 12054
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