AAP Resolutions

The Resolution Process

Resolutions are a way for you to bring issues you believe are important to the practice of pediatrics forward for discussion at the Chapter, District and National levels.  If you have an idea you want to talk about, or want help framing it into a resolution, please contact Lori Legano, MD, our AAP District II (NYS) Representative to the Chapter Forum.

It is very important that members of the Academy realize that policy changes regarding the recommended care of children and for membership concerns are made through the process of resolution submission, and to know how to do this.  The purpose of a resolution is to provide a formal mechanism whereby the members of the Academy can provide input regarding Academy policies and activities.  You will find the following links to be helpful (you may have to log in to the Members Only Channel):

  • Resolution Template
  • Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions – Using this PDF document will help organize your ideas and clarify the intent of your resolution.  This year’s deadline for the 2013 ALF is Monday, November 17, 2018.
  • Previous resolutions – All resolutions that have been written in the past 12 years are now available through the Members Only Channel of the AAP web site.  This search site will help you to determine whether or not a resolution dealing with this subject is necessary.  It is also helpful to review AAP Policy Statements which may already address your concerns.

The Annual Leadership Conference provides the process for committees, councils, sections (represented by their chairpersons or their duly authorized representative who must be an Academy Fellow), Chapter presidents and vice presidents to advise the AAP Board of Directors on issues of importance from the AAP membership. The Annual Leadership Conference serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, providing a primary communication link between the grassroots and the policy-making bodies of the Academy.