Resolutions from the 2013 ALF

2013 – Annual Leadership Forum
District II
Abraham Jelin, MD FAAP
CFMC Representative

     The 2013 ALF is over.   The voting for the top ten is complete.   Fourteen resolutions were offered from District II.   That’s more than any other district.   One of them was voted among the top ten.   I have listed all fourteen below.   I have also listed some of the resolutions from other districts that generated debate and controversy.   You can log on to the AAP website (after signing in, go to “my AAP” and then click on “Leadership Programs” and finally the Annual Leadership Forum) to read the full resolutions, the background information and the on-line discussion.   The adopted resolutions will now be assigned to specific locations at the AAP for further action.   A disposition document reporting AAP action on those adopted resolutions will be available next winter.

I want to thank those who wrote resolutions and those of you who attended the ALF for your participation.  It’s not too soon to think about resolutions for next year.  If you had a resolution this year that did not pass or one in previous years that has not been addressed, think about resubmitting it.   As always I am available to help craft your resolutions.

 Resolutions from District II

  •  Is It Safe to Feed  Artificially Sweetened Foods and Beverages to Children? – Author:  Bram Jelin
  • Use of Media Advertising for Prescription Medication – Author: Richard C. Ancona
  • Decreasing Childhood Poverty in the United States – Author: Benard P. Dreyer
  • Medical Exemptions from Vaccines – Author: Cynthia DeLaura Devore
  • Increasing Awareness of Insurance Coverage for Bright Futures Guidelines – Author: Jack Levine
  • Parenting Skills – Author: Steven J. Goldstein
  • Who on the Residency Review Committee Speaks for Independent, Non-university-based Residency Training Programs? – Author:  Bram Jelin
  • Prescriptions for Non-Prescription Medicines – Author: Cynthia DeLaura Devore
  • Sickle Cell Testing for College Sports – Author: Richard Ancona
  • Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adolescents – Author: Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees
  • The AAP Deems It Acceptable Not to Initiate a Relationship with Families Who Refuse to Accept the Standard Immunization Schedule – Author: SOAPM, NY Chapter 2
  • Stop Sec0nd-hand Smoke – Author: Erin Kelly
  • Abolishing the Annual Leadership Forum – Author: Marc Lashley (No District II support)
  • Unification of Chapter and National Dues in a Pilot Program – Author: California IV

 Top Ten Resolutions from the 2013 ALF

  1. LR4 –  Promoting Education of Families about the Culture of Violence in the Media and its Effects on Children
  2. 9SA –  Bright Futures Should be Required to be a Covered Insurance Benefit for All Children
  3. 9SA –  Improved Communication Between Child Welfare Systems and Pediatricians
  4. 45SB –  Promoting Social and Emotional Learning throughout Infancy and Childhood
  5. 7 –  Protecting Immigrant Children
  6. 12SA –  Teaching Safe Parenting Skills to Students
  7. 16SA –  Monitoring the Outcomes of Homebirths
  8. 30SB –  Non-Standard Immunization Schedules
  9. 13SA –  Physical Education in Schools
  10. LR1 –  Prevention of Button Battery Injury to Children

 Download a Word version to print details of these resolutions.