Advocacy Alerts

April, 2015

It is time to visit, call or e-mail your State Senator and your Assembly Member.  They are in their home District Offices full-time until April 21st*.  First, thank them for passing a child and family friendly budget.  Mention home visiting programs, children’s health programs, child care, and universal Pre-K.   Then let them know that our work together for children and families is not done.

  •  We need to work together to Raise the Minimum Wage for all low-income wage earners.  Parents who work full-time should be able to take care of their families.  Our youngest children should not be the poorest New Yorkers.
  • We need to work together to pass Paid Family Leave so that families don’t have to decide between taking care of a sick child or a sick parent and losing financial stability. Families should not have to choose between caring for someone they love or becoming homeless.
  • We need to work together to Raise the Age of criminal responsibility to 18.  We cannot be one of only two states in the nation that doesn’t recognize that a 16 year old is not an adult.  The science of brain development tells us that a 16 year old is not mature.  A 16 year old is not an adult and does not understand the world as an adult.  A 16 year should not be treated an adult by the criminal justice system.

In addition talk to your legislator about the importance of passing…

Gun Safe Storage Legislation (A.53/S.2991)
We can and must pass gun safe storage legislation this year.  The sooner we pass legislation the sooner we can protect children from unsecured firearms in our homes and communities.

The Children’s Safe Products Act (A.4102/S.5612)
To start the process to identify and ban toxic chemicals from children’s toys, clothing , car seats, and strollers.

Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Change Therapies (A.4958/S.121) Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is not a disease.  A young person doesn’t need to be “changed.”  This legislation will protect minors from dangerous “sexual change therapies.”

If you don’t know how to reach your state representatives, or where their District Office is…

  • Click here for contact information for your Senator.
  • Click here for contact information for your Assembly Member.

Learn more about NYS AAP priorities:

 Without your voice, we cannot make change.

Call or visit now. You can make a difference.

For more information please contact Elie Ward, Director of Policy & Advocacy at

This is the first in a series of advocacy alerts. We will be asking you to contact your state legislators throughout the session on other legislative priorities related to immunizations, collective bargaining, fair payment for services, children’s mental health integration into primary care, and many other issues to improve the health and  well-being of pediatrics.

 * After April 21st, legislators will be back in Albany, but only Monday through Wednesday.  Legislators spend half this week in the home Districts, so scheduling an in person visit is very easy.

Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP
Chair, NYS AAP, District II

Aldina M. Hovde, MSW
Executive Director, NYS AAP, District II