Resolutions from the 2019 ALF

2019 – Annual Leadership Forum
District II
Richard Ancona, MD FAAP
CFMC Representative

     The 2019 ALF is over.   The voting for the top ten is complete.   Many resolutions were offered from District II.   You can log on to the AAP website (after signing in, go to “my AAP” and then click on “Leadership Programs” and finally the Annual Leadership Forum) to read the full resolutions, the background information and the on-line discussion.   The adopted resolutions will now be assigned to specific locations at the AAP for further action.   A disposition document reporting AAP action on those adopted resolutions will be available next winter.

Thanks to all who wrote resolutions and those of you who attended the ALF for your participation.  It’s not too soon to think about resolutions for next year.  If you had a resolution this year that did not pass or one in previous years that has not been addressed, think about resubmitting it.   As always we are available to help craft your resolutions.

At the close of voting at the 2019 Annual Leadership Forum, Friday, March 15th, all voting members were invited to select the Top 10 resolutions they felt were of the utmost importance to the membership of the Academy.  Of the 204 eligible voting members, 173 responded (85%).  The following shows the Top 10 resolutions based on the number of votes received.  Also noted is the district from which the resolution originated and the calendar to which the resolution was referred.

Board of Directors Top Ten Resolutions from the 2019 ALF

Top 10  Res #  District  Calendar   Title  
1 4 III Consent Eliminating Religious Exemptions to
Vaccinating Children
2 39 I Reference Committee B Family Separations at the Border:
Safeguarding Children’s Health
3 16 III Consent Limitation of Prior Authorization
Requirements for Medications
4 23 IV Consent Continuity of Medicaid Benefits
When Recipients Move
5 11 I Reference Committee A Access to Evidence-Based Treatment for
Children and Adolescents with
Neurodevelopmental Disorders Beyond Autism
6 22 X Consent Affordable Insulin Access for All
Children with Diabetes
7 32 II Consent Revising the AAP Bright Futures
Guidelines on Gun Safety
Anticipatory Guidance
8 30 IV, VII Consent Drowning Prevention Recommendation
Statement and Education
9 25 VI Consent Providing Guidance on School Response to
E-Cigarette Use by Students
10 8 II Consent Public Education About Intramuscular Vitamin K
Administration at Birth