Resolutions from the 2014 ALF

2014 – Annual Leadership Forum
District II
Edward Lewis, MD FAAP
CFMC Representative

     The deadline for submitting resolutions for the 2013 ALF has past.   You can log on to the AAP website (after signing in, go to “my AAP” and then click on “Leadership Programs” and finally the Annual Leadership Forum) to read the full resolutions, the background information and the on-line discussion.  The Following resolutions are being submitted by District II and/or the three New York Chapters.

I want to thank those who have written resolutions and those of you who attend the ALF for your participation.  It’s not too soon to think about resolutions for next year.  If you have had a resolution that did not pass  in previous years, think about resubmitting it.   All resolutions for the 2014 ALF were submitted by December 1, 2013.  As always, I am available to help craft your resolutions.

 Resolutions from District II

  • Responsive Feedback to the Authors of Resolutions – NY Chapter 2; District II
  • Making AAP Clinical Guidelines “Computable” – NY Chapter 1; District II
  • Release of Educational Records to the Medical Home: FERPA/HIPPA Nightmare – Richard C. Ancona, MD
  • Loan Forgiveness for Pediatric Primary Care – Richard C. Ancona, MD
  • Healthy Meals for Hospitalized Children – Section on Medical Students, Residents, and Fellowship Trainees
  • The AAP Medical Home Standard and Certification – District II

Top Ten Resolutions from the 2014 ALF

  1. LR6SA – Ban on Marijuana Advertising that Could be Perceived as Directed to Children
  2. 34.35SB – Human Trafficking Education as a Component of Medical Education and Pediatric Training
  3. 1 – Ratification on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
  4. 33SB – The Risk of Non-Standard Vaccine Schedules
  5. 13SA – Expanding Regulations on Electronic Cigarettes
  6. LR1SB – The AAP Medical Home Standard and Certification (District II)
  7. 4SA – Universal Paid Parental Leave
  8. 16 – AAP Policy and Education Regarding Electronic Cigarettes
  9. 49 – Medical Student Membership
  10. 43SC – Staying Politically Neutral for Universal Support of Children