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Greetings from your District II Representatives!

District II has medical student, resident, and fellow representatives from the Section on Pediatric Trainees (SOPT).  The Mission of the Section on Pediatric Trainees (formerly the Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees) is to empower and enable pediatric trainees to serve as strong advocates for the health and well-being of all children, effective leaders in their chosen profession and communities, and to fulfill their career goals and aspirations.  The SOPT will accomplish this mission through engagement of its membership in education and experiential skill building, and by fostering collaboration, coaching and mentorship amongst all levels of pediatric trainees, thereby strengthening the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Again, we are your resident representatives.  We want to know what is going on in New York State on the chapter level.  District II is a very active district, with many programs going on around this state.  Our district is one of two districts that have only one state in their district.  This gives us the chance to have great unity among the resident members.  We are all New Yorker’s, rural to urban; mountain to coast.

Let us know what programs are happening around your hospital and community, and how we can help.  We are available to you for any questions you might have regarding issues that we as pediatric residents, soon-to-be fellows and attendings face.


Name   E-mail Position  Term
Lauren Jen Representative
Mark Hanna DII Fellowship Trainee Rep 10/9/21 – 10/8/22
Alana Koehler DII Fellowship Trainee Assistant Rep 11/29/21 – 10/20/23
Lien Le DII Resident Rep 10/9/21 – 10/8/22
Daniel Birkhead DII Resident Assistant Rep 10/9/21 – 10/8/22
Austin Han DII Medical Student Rep 10/9/21 – 10/8/22
Vanessa Salcedo DII ECP Rep
DII ECP Assistant