Advocacy Day 2019

March 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
University Club
141 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12210
Jessica Geslani

Annual Lobby Day

WHEN:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
WHERE:  University Club, 151 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12210
Come to the State Capitol and
Advocate for Kids and Pediatricians!
REGISTER NOW for the NYS AAP’s Annual Advocacy Day!
  • Hear the Chairs of the Health Committees in the State Senate and the State Assembly discuss priority issues for children’s health in the 2018 Legislative Session and Budget Negotiations.
  • Hear Decision Makers in the State Department of Health and the State Department of Financial Services Health Insurance Unit talk about the new opportunities and challenges this year.
  • Ask questions and participate in a give and take with State leaders.
  • Meet with Your legislators in their offices and talk with them about our priorities for the Children and Families of New York.
8:00 am: Registration / Breakfast
9:00 am: Morning Session – Legislature & State Agency Leader Presentations:
12:00 pm: Afternoon Session – Lunch / Legislator Visits
3:30 pm: Adjourn

Breakfast and lunch included / no charge for Chapter members

Bring Your Voice to Albany on March 19th!

     The very good news is that many of our priorities have been included in the Governor’s State of the State and 2019-20 Budget presentation. And the fact that we have both houses of the legislature led by a progressive Speaker and a progressive Majority Leader bodes well for getting our priorities passed this year.
     But, we will still have to fight hard to get our priorities for children and families passed this year as there are a multitude of competing issues that will be pushed by our fellow advocates. We cannot let the “Priorities for Children” fall off the table as the session heats up.
Major Initiatives We Support That Are Outlined in the Governor’s Proposals Include:
  • Tobacco 21: raising the age of tobacco/e-cig purchase to 21
  • Prohibiting the Sale of Liquid Flavorings for E-Cigs
  • No Tobacco or E-Cig sold in pharmacies
  • Disclosure of Toxics in Personal Care Products
  • Disclosure of Toxics in Children’s Products, clothing, toys & accessories
  • Lead Blood Action Level Lowered to 5mg/dL (from the current 10)
     These are legislative initiatives that we will work on to get passed in the legislature as early in the session as possible. I will be providing bill numbers shortly, but right now, if you speak with your state legislators, these are the key issues to bring up, along with the following:
     Not Included in the Governor’s Proposals, but included in the Legislative Gun Safety Package, are two bills that we will focus our advocacy on:
  • Gun Safe Storage
  • Gun Purchase Age Raised to 21
     The potential for us to get these two vital child focused gun safety bills passed is stronger this year with good and supportive friends in the legislature.
     Parts of the Governor’s Proposals that we support and that have already been passed by the legislature include:
  • Reproductive Health Act: securing access to all reproductive health care services for the families of New York
  • Crime Victims Act: providing access to look back and extension of statute of limitations for victims of abuse in public and private institutions
  • Gun Safety Laws: including, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, 10 Day Waiting Period to purchase a gun, banning bumpstocks.
  • Dream Act: providing Dreamers access to financial aid for tuition to help pay for higher education
Our Legislative Priorities, beyond what the Governor and the Legislatures are proposing, include:
  • Mandating Annual Flu Immunization for Participation in Infant & Child Care
  • Safe Storage of Firearms (work is ongoing with legislative sponsors to make several technical amendments)
  • Gun purchase Age of 21
  • Fair Payment for Vaccines
  • Collective Bargaining Rights for Physicians
     Will also be exploring creation of a central statewide decision making body to review all requests for Religious Exemptions from Immunization requirements. This would address the current uneven decision making across School Districts and provide a consistent and rational process reflective of the intent of the existing law. NYC has a central decision making process within its Department of Health & Mental Health, at the Bureau of Immunization. The state should have a similar consistent process across schools and districts.
     Requiring staff in the NICU’s to have either proof of current TDAP immunization, or wear a mask, is another option for legislation we are exploring.
     We also encourage you to talk with your legislator about NYS moving toward a Medical Exemption only protocol for required immunizations. This is a year to explore the level of support and the level of opposition to this option.
     There is a lot to do, and things are moving very fast here in Albany.
     But as always, we are and must continue to be the voice for children across our state.

University Club
141 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY
(Transportation will be available)