Best Fluzone Prices for AAP Members

Atlantic Health Partners Offers NY AAP District II Members the Best Fluzone Prices!

Practices who join Atlantic Health Partners and order Sanofi’s Fluzone by April 30th will receive the lowest prices and best terms!  In addition, Atlantic offers your practice the most favorable prices and terms on the entire portfolio of Sanofi and Merck vaccines.

Our partner, Atlantic, is committed to ensuring that providing vaccines to your patients has a positive impact on the operational, financial, and clinical performance of your practice.

Many of your colleagues are already benefitting from Atlantic’s program, most notably from the savings and excellent customer service.  Atlantic also offers:

  • Medicare Part D immunization program
  • Reimbursement support and advocacy
  • Medical supply discounts
  • Lower office supply prices through Staples
  • Additional discounts on Wellconnect Patient Recall Program

We encourage you to contact Jeff or Cindy at (800) 741-2044 or to learn more about how your practice can benefit from joining Atlantic now.