Child Abuse Survey

Child abuse recognition and reporting- how do you compare with the experts?

Dear Chapter Members,

We invite your participation in an online research study on child abuse that will provide us with important feedback to help in the creation of an educational tool, Stop, Look and Listen (SLL): Separating Fact from Fiction in Evaluating Cases of Child Abuse that is currently in development under funding from an NIH/SBIR grant. The purpose of SLL is to help pediatricians improve their knowledge and skills in the recognition and management of child physical abuse.

To assist in this research, we would like you to read nine, short, child injury vignettes, and then rate them for the likelihood of abuse and your likelihood of reporting. After completing the vignettes, you can compare your ratings with those of five child abuse experts who rated these same vignettes. The information we obtain from your responses will be analyzed and incorporated into the final six case-based modules of Stop, Look and Listen.

The link below will connect you to a secure web site when you are ready to proceed. Please take approximately 10 minutes to read and rate the vignettes. The site will be available for a limited time so please respond promptly. No identifying information will be obtained.  We truly appreciate your participation.

This current research project is funded by the Maimonides Research Foundation and has been reviewed by the Maimonides IRB as Exempt because it is an educational intervention.  The principal investigators are:  Danielle Laraque, MD, Mary Rojas, PhD, and Lucy Bruell, MS.  This initiative is also endorsed by the Presidents of Chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the American Academy of Pediatrics, District II (NYS).

Thank you.

Mary Rojas, PhD.
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Danielle Laraque, MD, FAAP
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Professor of Pediatrics, New York University
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